Daily Fantasy Sports Auto Racing

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are booming right now and it’s only a matter of time before auto racing is adopted. DFS auto racing is only available on a couple real small DFS sites, but once a bigger site like DraftKings or FanDuel offers DFS auto racing, we’ll let you know.

Fantasy auto racing leagues are nothing new, but there is a problem offering one-day leagues. Rules state that a legal DFS contest must have a minimum of two events or games, which means DFS sites are unable to offer contests on a single NASCAR race.

There are several ways around the problem, but none of them have been overly popular.

How to Play DFS Auto Racing

The most common way to offer a DFS NASCAR contest is by offering a contest with two races – often a Sprint Cup Series race and an Infinity Series race. Like other DFS leagues – a player has to construct a line-up using a limited amount of salary cap.

In all contests the goal is to score more points than your opponents.

Salary cap tournaments aren’t the only way to play daily fantasy sports NASCAR either. Another tourney format allows players to pick drivers from different tiers. The end goal is the same – the player with the most points will win the contest.

I’m unable to speak on the scoring at this time, as our website does not offer DFS auto racing leagues. That’s another problem – DFS sites need to find a balanced scoring system that allows for enough strategy, while at the same time catering to casual fans.

The scoring also has to differentiate the line-ups enough to ensure there aren’t a bunch of ties in every contest.

I’m also surprised that a big daily fantasy site hasn’t offered DFS NASCAR two-weeks contests with two Sprint Cup races. A lot of DFS players prefer instant gratification, but I’m sure the die-hard fans would prefer anything rather than nothing.

There’s no shortage of potential players. NASCAR fantasy season-long leagues are extremely popular. Yahoo, ESPN and several other big publications host annual NASCAR fantasy leagues, but they’re not for real money and they require a long commitment.

NASCAR will be a great DFS sport once the hurdles can be overcome.


NASCAR is all about track preference other than the restrictor plate races. Drivers often excel on one track or track type. There are multiple sites that track past results on every NASCAR track, so it’s easy to identify the best drivers for every track.

The key in DFS NASCAR will be selecting value plays in order to meet the salary cap requirement.

Chances are that the majority of players will have similar studs, but the value plays will differentiate line-ups. Do your research on track form and recent form, but also spend the time to look at the practise and qualifying times each week.

This is a primer on daily fantasy auto racing and as soon as DFS sites start providing DFS NASCAR contests I’ll be sure to update this guide with pertinent information, including the exact line-up requirements, salary cap rules and scoring rules.

European Car Racing and Italian Car Makers

Italian vehicles are popular for their speed and quality. Car enthusiasts will willingly spend several thousand dollars just to own well-known Italian vehicles like Maserati, Ferrari and Porsche. However, what many people do not know is that several of these auto makers began exclusively in racecar production.
Italian automobiles are well-known on the racing route. In Europe as well as in the United States, several race teams possess Italian automobiles within their garages. These vehicles are able to win races because they were built for endurance and they are of high quality. Some Italian car makers have been in the business of making racecars for more than a hundred years, so experience is one reason their vehicles are built properly.

Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and Porsche are four auto makers that made automobiles for both racing and for the public. Initially, these companies made only racecars. It was much later that they took the decision to make vehicles which will be sold across Europe and other parts of the world.

At the initial stages, the two chains of automobiles looked the same. If someone purchased a Maserati, the differences between the normal car they purchased and the racecars that came out tops in the Grand Prix, were very few. Streetcars started losing some of their resemblances only after laws changed racing car ownership.

Gran Tourismo V. Grand Prix

Italian auto makers take part in both Gran Tourismo and Grand Prix Racing. When these two races commenced, they were very much alike. However, Grand Prix later changed and closely resembled the kind of racing done nowadays.

The Grand Prix began as an endurance contest that journeyed around diverse villages within France. As time elapsed, it developed into what’s now referred to as formula racing. This kind of racing is single seater, open wheeled racecars that try to win on a track. Grand Prix races are organized in the US and in Europe.

Within the US, Italian sports automobiles were brought in as the major automobiles used during Grand Prix contests. As American auto makers became more experienced, things took another direction. American auto makers started blending British chassis with their models to develop their own entrants. However, Italian Sports autos remain very popular in the US Grand Prix contests.

Grand Tourismo race is stamina racing. These contests, for example, Tour De France and the Mille Miglia are open racing. What this means is that they are not done on a track, rather the participants race through towns and villages in several locations around Europe.

What Gran Touriso aims to check is not speed. The main focus is on strategy and stamina of both vehicle and driver. These automobiles are closed, two seater autos as compared to the open cars used at the Grand Prix.

The name Gran Tourismo came about because a lot of auto makers in Italy take part in these contests essentially making them Italian races. Even though Grand Prix and endurance races both started in France, Italy is now a major contender.

At the time the Grand Prix started, the early contests were for auto makers only. This explains when several Italian makers concentrated on motor sports.

European Car Racing – How Formula One Auto Racing was developed?

Formula One, also referred to as F1 racing started sometime in the 1920s. The distinctive racing automobile sport started in Europe and it used to be known as Grand Prix Auto racing. The essential “formula” and rules governing the game have undergone several changes following World War Two. Grand Prix Auto racing received another formula – called Formula One some time in the middle of the twentieth century. Later, the World Championship racing regulations was developed. A number of technological improvements to the race automobiles and the establishment of team sponsorship over the years transformed Formula One contest into an industry worth several millions.
Today, a Formula One Auto racing season has developed into a vibrant series of racing occasions. Every season of Formula One racing consists of a sequence of races which is also referred to as the Grand Prix, which means ‘Grand Prizes’, in English. The event is conducted on a blend of purpose-built public roads and circuits. The outcomes of all these smaller contests in the Grand Prix are then used to decide on 2 yearly World Championship: One is meant for manufacturers while the other is meant for drivers.

All circuits, track officials, organizers, constructor teams and drivers must possess a legitimate Super License, before they are qualified to take part in the Grand Prix. This license is the topmost grade of racing license given by the Federation International de La Automobile (FIA). This body is a sports federation which has basically acted as a governing body or association representing the concerns of motor car users, automobile racing events and motoring organizations.

It is fitting that the governing body would require participants of Formula One contest to have the topmost grade of racing license obtainable, mainly because Formula One vehicles are of the best racing standards within the car racing industry. Consequently, Formula One vehicles are thought to be the swiftest circuit-racing vehicles in the globe.

‘Formula one’ vehicles can travel at the speed of 360 Kilometers per hour (which is 220 miles per hour) and they can attain a lateral speed greater than 5g corners. It is believed that Formula One cars’ performance heavily depends on tires, suspension and aerodynamics. Aerodynamics is now such a very important central element for Formula One contest autos that research worth several millions of dollars now goes into developing new technologies, by all teams every year, within this segment. Aerodynamics is taken into consideration in every area of Formula One vehicle – from the driver’s helmet to how the suspension links are shaped. With regards to aerodynamics, two things are constantly in the minds of researchers: drag and down force. Reducing drag helps to speed up the vehicle as a result of turbulence. The development of Down Force thrusts the tires of the car onto the track enhancing the cornering force ability of the vehicle.

As far as performance is concerned, suspension is a major component for the Formula one automobile. The Formula One automobile’s suspension is the vital interface between the different elements that cooperate to produce the performance of the vehicle.

The Miriam Foundation and ‘Cookie’ case

The Montreal Open, which is one of the largest charity poker tournaments sadly, had to face the effects of Black Friday. The tournament which was sponsored by Full Tilt Poker was used to raise money for a charitable organization by the name of Miriam Foundation. The foundation was working towards helping children who suffered from different learning disabilities. The winners of the tournament were always awarded with prizes to take home by Full Tilt Poker however after the occurrence of Black Friday; it seems that winners may not receive anything at all.

Other aspects which made things worse for the charitable organization, Miriam Foundation included the development of a new poker tournament for charity called Montreal Party Poker Classic. This tournament is being organized by DV Sterling Enterprises Incorporation, David Sachs and Morden C. Lazarus who is also known by the name ‘Cookie’. This charitable tournament is sponsored by Party Poker and the funds are to be raised for the ‘Jodi Lazarus Fund for Hereditary Breast Cancer.’

The ground work and data collection indicated that the initial name of ‘Montreal Open’ was to be used by the new event organizers as well. However due to certain misunderstandings, the matter moved to court by Miriam Foundation which stated that only their charity has the right to use the name ‘Montreal Open’.

Morden C. Lazarus (Cookie) challenged this claim put forward by Miriam Foundation in court along with demanding that Miriam Foundation pay all the winners of 2011 which they had not done so due to facing the consequences of Black Friday. Cookie also stated that he had never planned on using the name of ‘Montreal Open’ for the charity tournament which he was organizing. The proceedings of the case finally have reached the point as to whether or not Miriam Foundation is responsible both legally as well as ethically to pay all the winners of the ‘Montreal Open’ which they were unable to do so after whatever went down with Full Tilt Poker.

Not having received any word from Miriam Foundation regarding their winnings and prizes, winners of the tournament were forced to ask Cookie regarding the matter however by this point in time; Cookie was already engaged in a legal battle with Miriam Foundation. On the 19th of January however another turn of events occurred when Full Tilt Poker proposed that they had given Miriam Foundation the entire prize money due to which they could not pay the winners. They also accused the foundation of keeping an amount of $250,000 for themselves which was to be paid to the winners of the tournament.

In response, the foundation stated that they had informed FTP by email to pay the winners of the Montreal Open 2011 as it had done so for the past 6 years. According to them, the sponsor responded that the money had been credited into the accounts of the winners. Miriam foundation however later claimed that they these accounts could no longer be accessed by players.

The 12th European Poker Annual Awards

Poker is a game which is quite popular. It could be said that it gained its popularity by being shown in a number of Hollywood films. Prior to being shown in movies, a large number of individuals were unaware of what poker was and how it was meant to be played. However thanks to the media and films, poker is now known by everyone around the world. There are now many poker tournaments held around the world for which large amounts of money are needed to organize the tournament however at the same time, it gives players a chance to win big as well.
Amongst the various events which are held across the globe regarding poker, the European Poker Annual Awards is one which recently took place in Paris in the month of February. The event was hosted by the Aviation Club and some of the very well known players from 2011 were honored in this event. Amongst the players who were competing for the title of ‘Player of the year’ were Eugene Katchlov, Anfrey Pateychuk, Pius Heinz, Bertrand Grospellier and Sam and Cody Trickett. Amongst these players, Sam and Cody were seen to be the favorites to win. The fans and audience had their hopes and expectations in the right person as Sam Trickett was awarded the ‘Player of the year’ award at the event. The reason behind him being selected as the best player was due to his excellent performance during 2011 and having won many high profile tournaments along with earning prize money greater than 4.5 million.

Other than the award for ‘Player of the year’, the awards handed out consisted of the ‘Poker Personality Award of the year’, ‘Best Tournament Performance Award of 2011’, ‘Europe’s Leading Lady Award’, ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, ‘Internet Player Award’ and ‘Staff Person Award of the Year’. The event was certainly quite exhilarating and everyone present had a ball of a time. The start and end of the 12th Annual Awards was certainly remarkable.

Poker is a game which can change the lives of individuals and due to its popularity, it is offered by most if not all casinos all around the world. Tournaments are held as well which help casinos get fame and become well known by players around the world. Poker tournaments are also a source of revenue for these casinos which is an incentive for them to host the event. Not only do these tournaments provide benefits to the casino where it is being held but players as well can benefit. Novice players can easily win large sums of money in every tournament they participate in, if the game is played sensibly. By doing so, any beginner can become a professional player with ease however there are high stakes involved in the game which can only be kept under control by having a strong personality and keeping calm. If high stake games are played with a sound and relaxed mind, players can easily achieve instant fame which is the dream of every poker player.

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European Car Racing – Different Types of Sports Vehicles

Car racing is an interesting sport in which producers, drivers and cars do their best to compete with other players for the first position. In auto races, the major expectation is quickness. However, these races test simply racing.

The capabilities of the driver as well as the engineering used by the auto manufacturers are two extremely important factors which need to be tested. Some races evaluate the stamina and endurance of drivers, because they would have to travel extraordinarily long routes in very taxing situations. European car racing are of different types and they are commonly categorized in the following way.

Rally Racing: It has to do with off road contest within off-road regions. In order to achieve, a better understanding of the pathways, the vehicle operators as well as their co-drivers commonly investigate the pathway in advance and select the most efficient method to reach the destination.

Single-seater contest: This is a very popular car sports. There is no car racer who would not like to participate in this contest because everyone would like to test his or her racing abilities. They travel in very fast open wheels’ cars that are specially engineered. The cars have aerofoil wings at the back as well as at the front. This automobile design allows for greater attachment to the pathway.

Ice Racing: It is done on lakes which are frozen or on hard snow. It is usually carried out at higher latitudes. One obvious requirement for these kinds of races is vehicles that one should possess rubber as well as studded auto fires to provide greater bond.

Touring Car Racing: People who participate in this kind of racing are the ones who drive highly customized production vehicles, but they are relatively slower in omparision to the sporty auto racing.

Stock Car Racing: These sporting meets are in general carried out on ovals. The vehicles that are used are precisely like production vehicles but they were made specifically for racing.

Drag Racing: The drag racing requires finishing a particular distance within the smallest possible period. Generally, only high quality automobiles or daily cars is used by the participants in this kind of race. They usually cover a distance of 400 meters, a race which can be completed within seconds. Depending on the kind of car that was used, it will take a street racing vehicle about 15 seconds to cover a distance of 400 meters and a specially manufactured fuel dragster vehicle would cover the same distance in 4.5s.

Sports Vehicle Racing: In this type of auto racing, purpose-made vehicles and sports cars editions compete, within a closed channel. This contest is meant for distances like 1000km and hence, this particular race usually involves more than one driver doing shifts to finish the contest.

Off-road Racing: This kind of auto racing takes place off road far away from the traffic within the city and it usually involves the use of customized vehicles.

Hill Climbing: It has to do with competing to finish, at the best possible time. The vehicles are forced to climb very steep hills. The player who finishes first carries the day.

NASCAR Racing As A Career

Most of us that are parents today will remember being asked “what do you want to be when you grow up” by our elders and the typical answers would range from astronaut to fireman to rock star or even software genius, depending on one’s mood and personal equation with the query poser. However, few of us would remember NASCAR racing being mentioned as a career when vocational guidance was being given during career counseling sessions in school or college, but thankfully, for kids in modern times, this has changed.

Now, with the excitement, fame and money surrounding NASCAR racing, parents have changed their take on how dangerous or competitive and unreliable it can be as a chosen career and actually getting interested in finding out how their child can become a NASCAR cup race driver. Well, if you too are one such parent, this article contains the basic overview of what you need to know (and explain to your child) about the scope –and nurturing the hope – of being a NASCAR cup racecar enthusiast.

Remember, an early start could actually be a good thing as most professional car racing drivers you see on the telly have started out pretty young (some as young as under 6 years), even if that means they began practicing on go karts and local race tracks; the point here is that they took the challenge early in life and kept to it, no matter what type of car they got to drive. It is thus the spirit of the car racing challenge that needs to spur your child on to his or her dream of developing the ability to keep time, improve lap time and continue to work at moving up the ranks at every stage.

After this sustained action, the next step would logically fall in place – that is, catching the attention of a reputed car owner and then it is NASCAR cup, here I come.

Your child can begin on a dirt or even asphalt track, whichever is locally available, as an affordable start to NASCAR dreams and start practicing in earnest by purchasing a pit pass if this is possible. While there, you chat up crew members, drivers or even officials and possibly crew members, all of who are great resources who can give you their own perspectives and knowledgeable inputs about how to get started on the professional racing car track. Just keep in mind that you catch these busy people at a good time and not when they have a lot on their mind; remember to be courteous so they are encouraged to give you useful tips about getting in to the pro car racing business.

You can find out about minimum age requirements and other eligibility criterion that could help your child train well and qualify in a particular state since some state tracks allow for lower driving age limits as compared to others. Also, for kids too young to qualify, an informed person could guide you to a karting association that is available for local talent, so it pays to enquire at the right places.

Of course, nothing compensates for natural talent for car racing, hard work, practice, and luck to become a NASCAR driver, but building up to driving 500 miles on a 120 degree track temperature is not for the faint at heart. So counsel your child that he or she has to be mentally and physically prepared to rough it out initially through a disciplined exercise program and develop the necessary stamina to stay in the running and that a slim, toned physique will work over a heavier body as in pro car racing the driver’s weight as well as that of the race car contributes to the win.

NASCAR Match-Up Bets

While most casual bettors spend time focusing on picking winners of a NASCAR race, the real handicappers are busy working away on finding the best value in the match-up bets. In NASCAR betting you’ll find two types of match-up bets, one which features two racers and another that features a group of 4-6 racers generally. The odds are obviously better when you bet on the match-up bets with more racers, but then it also becomes more difficult to pick the winner of the group.I like to stick with the match-up bets with only two racers since you have a 50% chance of winning. If you put in a bit of work you should be able to win anywhere from 60-75% of your bets on a consistent basis which would mean you’d make lots of money. Most online sportsbooks set-up their own match-up bets with racers that they think will finish close to each other, but often times there will be a couple match-ups that scream out to you.

When the NASCAR match-up screams out to you there are a couple things that you need to check. You first need to find out why the line screams out to you. Maybe one of the racers is struggling as of late and therefore the books are trying to suck you into betting on the racer. You should also try to find out how each of the racers did during the test runs and qualifying runs as these are an important look into how the racer is going to perform on race day.

A lot of the time bettors will focus on the match-ups on the best racers in the race, but this isn’t always a good idea. In NASCAR odds, the top racers are always swapping places on the leaderboard every race and it can be difficult placing one racer above the other in any given race. If you look at the middle group of racers finding value becomes a lot easier as the competition is more thinned out. Most sportsbooks will also set-up the match-up bets based on the qualifying positions.

So if one racer has an extremely good qualifying run when they generally start near the back they might be involved in some match-up bets that they wouldn’t otherwise be involved in. If you find racers that usually finish near the back in match-up bets because they finished good in the qualifying round you should look at betting against them.

When you bet on the match-up bets with 3+ racers you’re going to need to rely more on luck. When you have 3-6 racers grouped together in a match-up bet almost any of them can win the group and therefore finding an edge or value in the bet is nearly impossible. One of the racers in the group might not stand a chance, but that doesn’t narrow the bet down enough for you. If you’re up some money and you want to have a bit more excitement on race week then you can throw down some small wagers on the larger group bets, but try sticking to the match-up bets with two racers when possible.

5 Card Stud at PokerStars

Five card stud use to be a very popular form of poker, the games popularity has waned a little as a result in the surge of popularity in Texas Hold ‘em. Just because five card stud is not as popular as Texas Hold ‘em at PokerStars.com, it does not mean that you should not make an effort to play the game. It is a fun game and provides a pleasant change from Hold ‘em.

If you are going to play five card stud at the tables, you will need to learn the rules of the game. The better you know the rules, the easier it will be for you to plan a successful game strategy.

When it comes to five card stud you are going to need at least two players but no more than eight. The way to get the most enjoyment from the game is if all the people who are sitting in on the game are fairly evenly matched when it comes to their skills. The best way to learn how to play five card stud is by sitting around a table and playing a casual game with your poker playing friends. If you are unable to do this, you should stick to tables that have the lowest possible limit and plan on loosing for a while. You really need to pay attention to how much you can afford to lose when you first start to play five card stud.

The rules for five card stud are deceptively simple. If you are holding a hand that includes aces, you can use the aces as either a high card or a low card if you are holding a straight. You are only allowed to make three raises for each round of betting on Party Poker. The person who is holding the highest hand after the betting has finally ended the player who is holding the best hand is going to be the one who wins the pot.

The think that causes the most confusion when a person starts to play five card stud is that they should not try to play for a flush or straight. Instead of shooting for a flush, players should try to focus on getting high cards and making pairs and three of a kind. The players who aim for pairs and high cards are the ones who win more steadily than the ones who are always chasing after a straight flush.

If you have been dealt the first three cards and to not have a pair, you should probably consider folding. Most experts on aintluck.com say that when you are playing five card stud you should try to avoid getting to attached to your ace in the hole because it might not be worth as much as you hope. They also suggest that you not bother playing your low hole cards which usually do not help your overall hand. Just because you have folded and are no longer actively participating in the poker hand it does not mean that you should not be paying attention. This is an excellent opportunity to observer your fellow players and start identifying their ticks and tells.

Prop Betting on Players in Football

While betting on actual football games can be quite fun, it is also a blast to place prop bets on football players and football teams. A fan of football can bet on the amount of games their favorite team will win or they can bet on events surrounding their favorite football player’s life.

In order to place a prop bet on football teams or football players, one must set up a betting account at an Internet sports book. Once the account is established, the football betting account must be funded through the use of a credit card, debit card, e-wallet or wire transfer. After funding the account, one can prop bet at will.

There are many different types of prop bets. In football, a prop bet can be placed on events of a player’s life. For example, Ben Roethlesberger has made headlines recently with his off field antics. A prop bet regarding Big Ben’s life might look like the following:

Which will happen to Ben Roethlesberger first (Prop bet has action until February 12, 2012)?

Get Married 20 to 1

Father a Child 20 to 1

Win the Super bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers 12 to 1

Leave the Pittsburgh Steelers 4 to 5

Go to prison 100 to 1

In this sample prop bet; one would select which scenario is most likely to occur first. The bet has a drop dead date of February 12, 2012. This means that if none of the above happen before then, the bet does not pay. However, if Ben gets married before any of the other events occur, those betting such will be paid 20 to 1 on their wager.

In addition to betting on football player’s life events, you can bet on individual players on field performance. For example, Adam “Pacman” Jones is attempting to return to the gridiron in the 2010-2011 NFL season. Some people believe he will make a successful return, while others believe he is a bum and will be a flop. A line surrounding Pacman’s performance might look like the following:

Adam “Pacman” Jones total interceptions for the 2010 NFL Season

Over 1 (-115)

Under 1 (-115)

In both instances, one must wager $115 to win $100, as the money line is a negative number. If the money line were positive, the number would reflect how much money a $100 bet would return.